Content Marketing – engaging customers in dialogues that lead to more sales.



Relevant, easy to understand content on hundreds of topics to help uncover needs and make better decisions



Engages customers through the branch and digital channels where they are interacting with you



Links customers to the exact person that can help at the time they need answers and are ready to buy

Why is it so powerful?

People are looking for help and will buy from the one who is there to provide it.

“When education comes first people are 5 times more likely to buy compared to a direct offer.”
(Next Century Media)

“Customers that are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.” (Gallup Research)

Cost Advantage

Leverages frequent customer interactions through existing digital (website, email, social, mobile) and branch channels.

How it Works

Check out our Lead Generation Overview to see how Truebridge can work at your financial institution.

Featured White Paper

Using Content to Drive Sales – A New Direction in Financial Marketing

by Stewart Rose

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Act now to make you the resource that customers turn to for more of their financial needs – before the competition arrives.

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