MB Financial Bank has announced its online Financial Answer Center

MB Financial Bank has announced its online Financial Answer Center, which can provide customers with immediate answers to hundreds of financial questions. The MB Financial Answer Center can be accessed by going to www.mbfinancial.com and clicking the Financial Answers button. “We want to give customers the information they need to make more informed financial decisions,” says Karen Perlman, Marketing Director. “Because the Financial Answer Center is online, customers can access it anytime they want. Those seeking additional information are steered to a specific person at the nearest banking center location for personal assistance.”

The MB Financial Answer Center is designed to help people see and understand financial needs that may not be apparent to them and can provide informative responses to such questions as:

  • Will I be prepared to send my kids to college?
  • Are my retirement investments right for me?
  • Why should I consider estate planning?
  • What are some easy-to-implement ideas to build my savings?
  • How can I afford to buy my dream home?

“People need financial help in many aspects of their lives – at home, at work and in retirement,” notes Perlman. “The Answer Center is an additional tool to help determine customers’ financial needs and how to achieve them.” Introduction of the MB Financial Answer Center will be followed by an updated Web site design for the bank at the end of September.

MB Financial Bank (www.mbfinancial.com) is a locally-operated financial institution that has been delivering competitive personalized service for more than 90 years to privately-owned, middle-market companies as well as to individuals who live and work in the Chicago metropolitan area. MB Financial Bank’s holding company, MB Financial, Inc., is traded on the NASDAQ as “MBFI.”

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