Flagstar Bank Announces Education-Based Cross Sell Marketing System

Flagstar Bank has announced a new cross-selling marketing system featuring an online Financial Answer Center. The education-based system provides customers with immediate answers to hundreds of financial questions and instantly connects them to the person at the bank who can help. Customers also can access the Financial Answer Center via Flagstar’s Web site at www.flagstar.com .

“We want to give our customers the information they need to make more informed decisions,” said Alessandro DiNello, executive vice president of Flagstar Bank. “People need financial help in many aspects of their lives. When our customers go looking for help, we want them to turn to us.”

According to DiNello, the Financial Answer Center is designed to help people see and understand financial needs that may not be apparent to them. “One of the problems that many of us face is we don’t recognize our financial needs until it’s too late. Nobody wants to get blindsided,” DiNello said.

“The Financial Answer Center works in two ways,” DiNello said. “First, it is used directly by Flagstar customers as a resource to get answers, uncover needs and find the exact person at Flagstar Bank who can provide personal help. Second, our frontline branch employees use it everyday during account opening or servicing to create dialogues with customers and make sales appointments on the spot.”

“We’re in the service business,” DiNello said. “Our goal is to provide help on our customers’ terms. We introduced our new Financial Answer Center as an extension of that commitment. Customers can access the Financial Answer Center anytime on our Web site, and those seeking information in the branches are steered to a specific person at the bank who can assist them,” he said. “Customers who use the Financial Answer Center will appreciate the depth of information we provide.”

Stewart Rose, president of Truebridge Financial Marketing reflected on what many bankers are seeking: “We know that banks want to grow their revenue by taking care of more of their customers’ financial needs. That means they need to do a good job at generating more sales leads. But bankers want to be very careful in how those leads are generated. They want an approach that strengthens a relationship,” Rose said. “Using a platform that puts customer education first will do that.”

“The best part about the Financial Answer Center is its ability to touch all our customers, both online and offline, helping them to understand their financial needs and giving them a single source to find answers,” DiNello said.

About Flagstar
Flagstar Bank, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is a $15.4-billion financial institution with131 banking centers throughout Michigan, Indiana and Georgia. Flagstar is one of the largest single-family residential mortgage originators in the country. It is the second largest banking institution headquartered in Michigan. For more information on Flagstar Bank, visit www.flagstar.com or call (800) 945-7700.

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