Truebridge has launched a new design of the Financial Answer Center

Truebridge has launched a new design of the Financial Answer Center, a key ingredient to the Cross Sell Advantage system that delivers financial education to a financial institutions customer base while at the same time increasing sales. Below is an overview of the new design along with a description of the new “E-newsletter Opt-In” feature.

Financial Answer Center Design (Version 5)
Truebridge has enhanced the navigation by adding new features called “Info-Centers” to the Financial Answer Center. The new home page of the Financial Answer Center showcases these Info-Centers, which cover a wide range of topics such as Paying for College, Investing for Retirement, Buying a Home and Cash & Debt Management.

Behind each Info-Center is a customized home page that provides the customers with access to all areas of the Financial Answer Center related to the Info-Center topic. This includes direct links to pages of content, Quick Guides, Real-Life audio stories and quick access to contact a professional who can help them at their institution. Truebridge also has the capabilities of integrating existing online tools such as calculators and applications into the Info-Centers where appropriate.

E-newsletter Opt-In Feature

A new option has been built for the Quick Guide request form that gives visitors the option to optin to an E-Newsletter if the institution has one in place. A report is available to extract the visitors who have selected the box to sign up for your email updates. This feature is only available upon request and requires activation. Please contact your account manager if interested in this feature. If you have any questions or comments about the new design or the E-newsletter Opt-In, feel free to contact Truebridge Customer Support at 800-476-6118 or by emailing us at

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