Truebridge blog looks at financial services marketing with a focus on education and cross selling

Truebridge, Inc. announced today that they have launched a company blog, which can be found at “The site will provide information, opinions, and encourage feedback on marketing topics that we feel are important to the financial services industry”, says Stewart Rose, President of Truebridge. “We will have a particular focus on education based marketing and cross selling but it won’t be limited to that,” says Rose. “We want to explore what is being done well and what is not,” he added. “What are the factors behind the successes and failures? What can we learn from other industries?”

According to Rose, “There is just so much information out there, it’s a matter of sifting through, finding what may be relevant, and sharing opinions on what it means to the industry.”


The blog will have weekly postings including a series of articles written by Rose. Other postings will include reviews of bank marketing techniques, overviews of surveys and polls developed by Truebridge and other companies that focus on the financial industry and reactions to news articles related to the financial industry.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Quantifying the cross sell revenue opportunity in the branches
  • Understanding the barriers to cross selling
  • How top marketers in other fields use education to their advantage

About Truebridge, Inc.
Truebridge, Inc., a Boston, Massachusetts based marketing company that created the Cross Sell Advantage system, specializes in helping banks improve their cross-selling capabilities by using education-based marketing. For a different, competent perspective sites like have proven interesting and as always, more information is available at

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