Penguin releases “Idiots Guide to Financial Crisis” online series

creditcrisisWe talk a lot about how important it is to make financial content easy to read and understand when presenting it to your clients. That’s why the recent announcement of the “Idiots Guide to the Financial Crisis” by Penguin is so important.

Those of us in the financial industry have most likely been asked by our friends and family to help explain how the current financial crisis came to be. This is no easy task. Instead of trying to explain it myself, I’ve even steered people to an online video that was developed by an art design major in California called “The Crisis of Credit”. It’s a great visual aid to telling the story of how it all came to be. Watch the “The Crisis of Credit” now.

But for those looking for more in depth analysis of the crisis, this Penguin series sounds like a great read.

Learn more at and share with your friends, family, or clients.