EVB Partners With Truebridge to Launch Integrated Sales System

TAPPAHANNOCK, VA – EVB announced today that they have launched a new integrated sales system in collaboration with Truebridge, Inc., a Boston-based company that helps banks develop deeper and more diverse customer relationships.

In the announcement, Joe Shearin, CEO of EVB, said “EVB has been searching for a more effective way to engage customers and help them with their financial decisions and we are fortunate to have discovered Truebridge. Based on our research, we believe they offer banks the most comprehensive systems of this kind in the country.”

Truebridge President, Stewart Rose, said, “Truebridge’s systems are based on an online Financial Answer Center, where customers go to get answers to myriad financial questions. The Financial Answer Center (http://learn.bankevb.com/) includes educational information on hundreds of financial topics that can be read online or printed in the form of a ‘Quick Guide.’”

Another important part of the system includes methods for identifying customers’ life events such as, marriages, births, home buying or selling, career changes, retirement, etc. This is critical, says Rose, because, “Research shows people are 43% more likely to buy a financial product around a life event. Timing is the key. Having this information at that specific time gives EVB a significant advantage over its competition.”

EVB’s Retail Manager, Ann-Cabell Williams, agreed. She said, “The beauty of the system is that it is customer-centric and product-neutral. We offer a wide range of investment products, deposit products, loan products, plus financial planning, retirement planning, and other financial services. With the Truebridge systems, we’re in a position to know the exact needs of individual customers. That puts us in position to come to the rescue and provide the service or product they need.”

According to EVB’s website, “EVB is dedicated to providing the highest quality financial services to our customers, enriching the health and vitality of the communities we serve, and enhancing shareholder value.” In reference to EVB’s mission statement, CEO Shearin said, “Our partnership with Truebridge will help us achieve all those goals and will also help us be better partners with our customers.” EVB has over 20 branch offices serving all of eastern Virginia. Its assets exceed $1 billion.

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