Workshop: How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Leads

Frye's Measure Mill Workshop in New Hampshire

More and more financial institutions are pursuing the marketing tactics that companies like Home Depot, Nikon, and Apple have been capitalizing on for years. Content marketing is a proven way to generate leads that’s quickly becoming the status quo.

The goal of our upcoming workshop is to show you how your financial institution can use content in your branch, on your website, and through social media to generate not only sales, but also a wealth of customer loyalty. Sign up HERE.
Here are the facts:

1. People are looking for answers to their financial questions

2. They are likely to buy from the one who provides them

3. You want those answers to come from you, not someone else


We’ll help give you a sense of what content is most effective AND show you how to deliver in a way that drives sales.

Please tune in and join us on February 5 from 2:00 to 2:30 EST. We look forward to seeing you there!