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Financial Content Marketing Gets Buyers To Branches

Problem Physical stores in every industry have been undergoing change for some time. These days you can even buy your groceries online. For banks and credit unions, as more and more people adopt new online technology, branch traffic is declining, leading to fewer, smaller and more automated branches. The branch will always serve a role, […]

New Tool Means More Sales in the Branches

  Boston, MA: Truebridge is pleased to announce the revamp of Branch LeadMaker, a tool that greatly facilitates the generation of referrals and sales appointments. Truebridge has created this tool to help banks realize the enormous opportunity they have to leverage frequent customer contact into stronger and more profitable relationships. Branch LeadMaker was designed especially […]

Banking Technology Pitfalls and New Content Solutions

Technology is changing the way consumers deal with their bank. Fewer, smaller and more automated branches looks like the trend. Banks would like to turn their branches into places customers can go for face to face sales of higher margin products. But a major pitfall of new banking technology is that it is quickly eliminating […]

Truebridge’s “eConnect” Takes Content Marketing to the Next Level

Boston, MA: Truebridge is pleased to announce the launch of eConnect, a powerful email content marketing application designed to help financial institutions take their educational content to the next level. Truebridge’s eConnect technology delivers targeted, dynamic content on the customer’s terms, providing a service that’s customer-focused and drives sales. Truebridge clients already have a vast […]

The CFPB and Financial Education Benefits

There’s a push from regulators to educate consumers. If you’re in banking you’ve heard of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). It was set up as a response to the recent financial crisis and began operation in 2011. Financial education doesn’t just need to be a nicety that you provide to your customers, it can […]

Financial education outside of the classroom