Winchester Savings Bank Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

BOSTON, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce Winchester Savings Bank’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Answer Center.

Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes. “We are living in a content-driven economy. You cannot survive in the banking space today without a content marketing strategy”, says Jeffry Pilcher of the Financial Brand.

Instead of generic advertisements that may not be relevant, a content marketing approach provides educational material to aid the decision-making process. Not only does this help the consumer make a more informed decision, it establishes the bank as a trusted resource.

“The Financial Answer Center gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our range of service capabilities, which will enhance our ability to serve our customers and should build brand loyalty over time.” explains Peter J. Segerstrom, President and CEO of Winchester Savings Bank.

By implementing Truebridge’s Content Marketing System on its website, Winchester Savings Bank puts a fully stocked financial library at its customers’ fingertips with connections to the representatives who can help just a click away. Truebridge content is organized around key life events, where statistics show people are 43% more likely to buy a financial product.

“Content marketing in the Financial Services world is a win-win,” says Stewart Rose, President and

CEO of Truebridge. “Consumers win because they get the help they’re looking for in order to make the best possible financial decision. The bank wins because it puts itself in place to help its customers with more of their financial needs – before the competition arrives.” Rose added.


About Winchester Savings Bank: Founded in 1871, Winchester Savings Bank is a mutually-chartered, independent community bank offering a full line of products and services for individuals and businesses.  All deposits are insured in full by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). To learn more, call (781) 729-2130 or visit  Winchester Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and an Equal Opportunity Employer.


About Truebridge, INC: Truebridge, a twelve-year-old Content Marketing company that caters to financial institutions, is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions designed to attract, engage and educate a 21st century audience. To learn more, visit



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Manager of Client Services

Truebridge Financial Marketing

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