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Weekly Wrap-up: Digital Signage in the Branch

Digital SignageThis week’s wrap-up has more than a few good ideas how to get the most out of your digital signage with smart content decisions. Nancy from highlights the importance of having a forward-thinking attitude, a fundamental understanding of the technology you’re using and, most importantly, a plan for your content.

“Think about what constitutes a network of screens in banking centers, and your mind is going to immediately start ticking off a bunch of technological tools — displays and media players. But the most important component in any digital signage network’s technology plan doesn’t contain silicon or copper. It’s content.

The type of content, its resolution, the amount of it, the frequency it gets changed, its style and tone, and many more variables, all contribute to decisions on what’s going to be needed for an optimal, impactful network and viewing experience.”

It isn’t enough to know how you’re going to leverage your digital signage today. You need to know how it’s going to work tomorrow. Along with that, you’d also need to take aid of the traditional methods of advertisements, which has many solutions to. Ms. Radermecher cites 4K TVs (think: HDTV on steroids!) as a pricey investment which is unlikely to pay dividends. Hence, sometimes it comes down to resorting to the use of banners for marketing, which are chosen from a variety of custom banner sizes. The huge increase to video resolution might look gorgeous, but it would require video content to be shot in 4K resulting in greater expenses (not to mention massive file sizes as well). The difficulty and expense of providing up-to-date content could hinder meaningful results.

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Content Informs Technology

I’ve worked at a few Cincinnati sign companies and I’ve learned that we can have all the technology in the world at our disposal – the highest of high tech, the most diabolical designs from the depths of DARPA – but it means nothing without content.

Here’s something I see every single week on social media when Twitter suggests that I follow another bank or CU. I check out the institution’s account and it hasn’t been updated in months or its tweets entirely consist of self-promotional ads (“get an auto loan from us!”; “get a mortgage today!”). Twitter and its social media brethren are fantastic technology platforms for sales, awareness and engagement, but it takes content to fuel them.

Content can be money-saving tips, financial calculators, pictures of pumpkin carving contests, promotions for events in your community, funny videos, infographics… There’s a ton you can do as long as you stick to the one most important feature of great content: No direct ads!

When it comes to digital signage, think about it this way; You’ve just invested a pretty penny for new HD displays in all your branches. It’s like you’ve got your own personal TV station. Is all of your programming going to be commercials? Content must be more than an ad.

“[A]cquire a solid understanding of what’s going to be on those screens when they light up, and look well beyond that launch period. Have your programming shape your technology decisions, or risk your technology putting constraints on your programming possibilities.”

Learn how to develop a plan for your content

Reference: GSE Audio Visual, Inc.