3 Ways to Capture Millennial Market Share   Recently updated !

Capturing market share – through new customer acquisition or existing customer cross-sell – has been at the forefront of financial institution’s goals for years. In fact, the 2016 State of Financial Marketing Report ranks this goal as number one among those polled. A staggering 49% rate this as their top priority. It is no surprise […]


Four Financial Marketing Trends for 2017

As 2016 winds down, many of us in the financial industry are busy diligently planning our “next steps” for 2017. Part of the strategic planning process for any bank or credit union is find the answer to this difficult question: Of all of the things you CAN do next year, what SHOULD you do? A […]


3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Cyber-Safe

With words like “trust” and “security” ranking among the top reasons people ultimately choose to do business with a financial institution, today’s banks are now in a circumstance that requires them to be ever-vigilant with their cyber security practices. The cyber security landscape of today seems to be continually worsening. Hackers are finding new ways […]


How To Give Your Content Staying Power

The amount of content being written about content marketing these days is astounding. While the  term “content marketing” has evolved to mean many different things on many different levels in the marketing space, one thing has not changed: CMOs across all industries, all over the world, are allocating time, energy and substantial budgets to ensure […]


Effective Branch Strategy for 2016

How have the times changed? Within the Financial Marketing world, there are a few interesting trends. Some of these are direct impacts from the changing consumer landscape. One of those impacts is the (sometimes contested) necessity and functionality of physical branches. More and more, transactions that would normally take place within branches can now take […]


Maximal Delivery, Maximal Impact

Content marketing is part of every marketing plan, whether or not it’s recognized as such. Content is the way we connect. When we learn or teach, we use content. As important as the message that we distribute is, a key component of content is the way by which it’s distributed. Delivery Channels: Reaching Your Full […]


Mobile and Expanded Delivery Channels

  Previously, we’ve discussed how mobile usage has become more and more widespread, and how we best should utilize mobile apps and mobile sites to connect with our customers. Today, we will wrap up our discussion about the trend in mobile with a discussion about where it fits in as a delivery channel. Mobile And […]

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Mobile Efficacy Explained

  Last week, we started a discussion about the benefits of mobile apps, mobile sites, and the increasing importance of utilizing these delivery channels. Today, we look more in-depth into what factors contribute to increased audience engagement, and what the current and future landscape of mobile might look like. Simplicity and Ease Are The All […]


The Exploding Age of the Mobile Customer

Last week, we started a discussion about the mobile trend in content marketing. Today, we are going to continue that discussion for a more in-depth look at what this trend towards mobile actually looks like. Our Mobile Customers What should be apparent to each and every one of us is how much our mobile devices […]


Trends in Content Marketing: Mobile

Most of us check out phones constantly. We use them to message and call our friends and family, but also to play games, listen to music, watch videos online, read, and surf the web. While these acts are ubiquitous now, ten years ago this was uncommon. Our constant connections to each other through technology are […]