6 Features of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

To ensure that your content marketing strategy is implemented correctly, and by correctly we mean strategically, here are a few basic questions you should answer and steps you can take to start off on the right foot. The first step is to identify your business goals. Additionally, you should determine which audience(s) you need to […]

Business Presentation of a Corporate Woman to her Colleagues

Live Chat: The Personal Touch

While some of the ways we provide customer service have changed over the years, the importance of good customer service has not. It remains one of the critical keys to keeping customers happy. As customers interact with your financial staff, they not only expect a friendly smile when they walk into a branch office, but […]


The Top 3 Fringe Benefits of Content Marketing

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know by now that there are some direct benefits of implementing a content marketing strategy for your bank or credit union. These benefits include such things as increased cross-selling and a bigger share of wallet. But did you also know that  content marketing provides many fringe benefits that […]


Digital Millennials: Get Your Mobile App Now

Let’s talk about digital millennials. They make up one of the fastest-growing market segments these days. A recent article highlighted some key findings about this demographic. Namely, there is a seismic generational shift underway, with the millennial demographic now capturing over 25% of the U.S. population. The millennial population is now larger in numbers than […]


Engaging Your Customers on Multiple Platforms

Chances are pretty high that a significant part of your morning routine involves picking up your phone and checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pintrest. (Maybe even before you reach for that first cup of coffee!) That’s life in in the digital age, though. People are attached to their phones and use them to connect to […]

Story-telling Content: Heart and Soul Help You Sell

Once upon a time, your bank or cu’s marketing strategy was all about product pitches, and lobbing rates and special offers at your customers and counting on this barrage of messages to bring them in to your branch for face-to-face inquiries. As we all know, that story has pretty much come to an end. Your […]

Educated Answers Your Customers Need

Information and answers. Without question, they are the currency of the day. Customers want to be educated and informed on the financial topics that matter most to where they are in life. You want to write their home loan? Educate them on the home buying process. You want to get their investment dollars, educate them […]