CyberSmart Security Series

You’ve been hacked. Three words you never want to hear.

Human error. In our experience, the majority of banks and credit unions think of cyber security as an inside-out proposition. You have standard measures in place like firewalls, anti-virus protection on bank computers, fraud detection systems and website encryption.

But the reality is that the risks of online banking often have less to do with your technology than with the human beings who use it.

Introducing the CyberSmart Security Series

With cyber security threats on the rise, it’s no surprise customers list trust and security as their No. 1 prioirty when seeking a financial institution.

The simple truth is it’s much easier and more cost-effective to keep your customers’ trust than rebuild it. That’s why we created CyberSmart Security.

Avoid Human Error.

Each quarter, Truebridge provides your bank with fully designed emails with links to content that is designed for both staff and customers to help you double down on the security measures you already take.

Cut Down on Security Threats.

CyberSmart Security can help you reinforce existing security measures to protect against fraud, scams and identity theft at all levels.

Enhance Your Security.

CyberSmart content draws customers to your financial education library, where they will find helpful information on cyber security as well as hundreds of other topics.

Help avoid human error and give your financial institution an extra layer of added security with CyberSmart.