The key strategy of next-gen bank marketing is to deliver content in a way that is relevant and pleasing to the customer and efficient for the bank. Multiple channels are leveraged to deliver educational content effectively.

MoneyWise Financial Education System

When it comes to financial decisions, consumers want to avoid making bad choices, losing money and compromising their financial security.

Introducing the MoneyWise Financial Education System
Our proven process builds more profitable relationships and increases the lifetime value of your customers by providing them with relevant financial education materials.

MoneyWise Financial Success Tips

Content sitting idle on your website does not help you connect with your customers or increase your ability to cross-sell products they need.

Actively connect to your customers with MoneyWise Financial Success Tips
Truebridge combines the power of financial education content with a lead-generating content distribution. Choose your distribution model with MoneyWise based on how your customers want to be reached!

MoneyWise LeadMaker

Connecting your customers with content is the first step in a great content marketing strategy. Connecting your customers with the right people at your bank is the next.

Drive more leads with MoneyWise LeadMaker
Generate quality leads and sales referrals with LeadMaker, an intuitive system designed specifically for financial institutions. LeadMaker features a clean, responsive layout with calendaring and lead queue functionality for all levels of your staff.