• Premier America Credit Union Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

    Boston, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce Premier America Credit Union’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Literacy Center. Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes.  “We are living in a content-driven economy.... Read more →

    Measuring and Defining Customer Loyalty

    How does your FI define, and more importantly, measure customer loyalty? A very interesting blog came across my desk today on this topic. Generically, it seems as though most FI’s define customer loyalty as customer satisfaction. Also, a huge amount of importance is placed up that always present survey questions:... Read more →

    Mystery Shopping Banks. How Do You Stack Up?

    MYSTERY SHOP! Ah, two words that strike fear into the heart of customer-facing professionals everywhere. For those unfamiliar, mystery shopping is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about... Read more →

    Engagement: The Smart Way to Drive Sales

    How do customers “feel” about your business? The answer to that question could affect your sales. Research shows, taking the customer relationship from remote and transaction-based to personal, warm, and engaged drives profits. Engaged customers do more than purchase (although they do that more, too). They sing the praises of... Read more →

    TurboTax Fraud, What Bank Marketers Need to Know

    John has just received a ‘notice of duplicate filing’ from his state’s tax office. A million questions run through his mind (and your customers’ minds) when he gets this letter. “What happened?    Did I make a mistake?       Did someone steal my identity?          How did that happen?             Is this going to... Read more →

    Anthem Data Breach, Tens of Millions Affected

    Health insurance giant Anthem Inc. has been hit with a data breach which compromised the names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates and email addresses of an estimated 80 million customers. Additionally, employee data, including income, has been stolen. This attack comes on the heels of other high profile, massive... Read more →

    Fake Vacation Home Scam Ads - Photo by Martin Robson

    524 Million Scam Ads Got Removed by Google Last Year

    It wasn’t Google AdWords’ security software that was out of date. The ads they promoted didn’t contain malware and had every pretense of being legitimate. It would take some digging to find out that the advertisers were running scams. Google AdWords would serve up an ad that had been vetted... Read more →

    The new economy behind hiring hackers

    Hiring Hackers Is Easier than You Think

    It’s not just big retailers like Target or Kmart who are being hacked. “Hacker’s List” proves that there’s a market for attacks against individuals. People need a place to go to get answers and guidance when it comes to their cybersecurity. If you can provide that guidance, it can be... Read more →

    State of the Union 2015: The Cybersecurity Factor

    During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama took a moment to address threats to our cybersecurity, asking Congress to pass legislation that could help prevent and combat cyberattacks on our nation, people and businesses. The president has been emphasizing his cybersecurity plan over the past week, which... Read more →

    Ransomware: What Bank Marketers Need to Know

    In a recent New York Times op ed, Alina Simone tells the story of getting the call that no kid wants to get: Her mom had been hacked and she needed her daughter’s help. Her mom was targeted with a ransomware virus. This type of malware infects a computer by... Read more →

    content consumption

    Shifting Patterns of Content Consumption – How to Drive Sales

    Patterns of content consumption are shifting. YouTube attracts more Millennials than any cable network (and they watch billions of hours of content each month). Physical newspapers are declining as people get their info from social feeds and online news aggregators. And even a good old-fashioned paperback can’t beat the convenience... Read more →

    Financial Content Marketing Tips, Series 1

    Presenting the first set of our 1,000 content marketing tips! Click the thumbnails below to see individual tips at higher resolution.   Go in-depth on content marketing and generate more leads. Check out our next 30-minute workshop!   Read more →

    Facebook at Work – Boon or Doom?

    Reuters reports that Facebook is developing a new service called “Facebook at Work”. Positioned as a competitor to LinkedIn, this platform will allow users to develop a professional profile separate from their personal Facebook account. How does that sound to you? LinkedIn is a platform with its share of flaws,... Read more →

    Engagement Marketing 101

    In 2015, financial marketers will be working overtime to increase share of wallet; It’s a top-three priority among 70% of senior marketing executives (Aite Group, Bank and Credit Union Marketing Trends, 2014). Deeper customer engagement can make it happen. To be successful in cross-selling, financial institutions need to engage customers... Read more →

    Weekly Wrap-up: Digital Signage in the Branch

    This week’s wrap-up has more than a few good ideas how to get the most out of your digital signage with smart content decisions. Nancy Radermecher, President at JohnRyan, highlights the importance of having a forward-thinking attitude, a fundamental understanding of the technology you’re using and, most importantly, a plan... Read more →

    How Adblock Plus is Driving Creativity in Marketing

    Have you heard of Adblock Plus? With over 300 million downloads it is THE most popular browser extension in the WORLD. Browser extensions are add-on features for your web browser. You might use Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to browse the Internet. Extensions are kind of like... Read more →

    Top FIs on Facebook Educate

    Is your institution’s Facebook page missing this vital engagement tool? A critical element of the top financial institution pages on Facebook is education. The Financial Brand has posted the Q3 results of the best and brightest financial institutions on Facebook. Who’s generating the most likes? Well, it’s no surprise to... Read more →

    Weekly Wrap-up: Banking Technology and the “iPod Moment”

    Groupe BPCE, the second largest bank in France, has announced a new service. They’re letting any Twitter user in the country send money through tweets. Not just their customers, anyone with a French bank account. Banking technology is a blossoming field with a ton going on. Tech companies like Apple,... Read more →

    Kmart Data Breach: What Financial Institutions Should Do

    Attention Kmart shoppers… By this time we’re all sick of hearing about data breaches. Big retailers are getting hacked, information is getting stolen, it’s like some movie from the 90s come to life. This time, Kmart’s been attacked. Every time this happens it’s the same story. It can be easy... Read more →

    Weekly Wrap-up: Halloween Content Marketing

    It’s getting to be that time of year when content marketers go into overdrive. Halloween leads into Thanksgiving, which leads into all our respective December-ish religious or secular festivities, which leads into the New Year, which leads into Valentine’s Day, and then finally, finally you can rest! We’re moving out... Read more →

    A Content Marketing Lesson On The Failure that Led to Twitter

    If there’s one content marketing lesson everyone learns sooner or later, it’s this: Make good content. This is kind of a generic and obvious statement – we all want our work to be good, or hell, even great! – but there’s a lot of meaning packed into it. The quality... Read more →

    SIS Bank Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

    Boston, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce SIS Bank’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Answer Center. Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes. “We are living in a content-driven economy. You cannot... Read more →

    The Great Social Media Gold Rush

    Social media can feel a little like the Gold Rush. Twitter, Facebook et al. are talked about like some kind of digital Oregon Trail that will deliver us all unto vast unknowable riches. The social media boom in the financial services industry is a really deeply American movement and financial... Read more →

    What Is Onboarding? 7 Important Words [Infographic]

    What is Onboarding? Onboarding is more than just acquiring a new customer and sending them on their way. Onboarding is a financial institution’s entire communication process when a customer (new or old) opens a new account or buys a new product. The goal of onboarding is to show customers why... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-up: College Planning, Choosing a Major

    In the midst of back to school season, college planning is on the minds of millions. High school juniors and seniors are applying to college (or thinking about it) and freshmen are waking up to the reality of 8 AM classes. If you have someone in your life who’s applying... Read more →

    7-Step Onboarding Checklist

    First impressions are everything. Onboarding is the most important moment in a relationship with a customer. We get asked all the time how financial institutions can improve their onboarding. This onboarding checklist – slimmed down to the bare necessities from a Financial Brand list – will get you started. Here... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-up: Apple Pay and the Mobile Wallet Avalanche

    One story has dominated the financial services industry this week. On Tuesday, Apple announced plans to team up with Mastercard, Visa and American Express (along with BofA, Capital One, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) to launch Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that utilizes near-field communication. Here’s... Read more →

    Big Decisions Still Happen in the Branch

    Branches are evolving alongside the burgeoning digital bank experience. They’re in a transitional period, climbing out of the primordial ooze and standing on their feet. The ABA Banking Journal highlights how some banks are rethinking the branch experience with a “laser-like emphasis on cross-selling”. The Mighty Morphin’ Branch Experience [Branches... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-up: All Aboard for Onboarding at Banks

    Our white paper, “Onboarding: A Setup for Sales”, recently hit a record number of downloads! To celebrate, this week’s Financial Content Wrap-up brings you a cornucopia of onboarding tactics, strategies and tips. Check out what industry luminaries have to say about onboarding at banks and at large. 21 Tips For... Read more →

    Truebridge Announces Content “Quick Find” Features

    Boston, MA — Truebridge, premier content marketing provider to banks and credit unions, is excited to announce two new “quick find” features. The new features are designed to improve their client’s customer experience – making it easier and faster for customers to find the exact content and sales representative they... Read more →

    How Banks Can Be Proactive About the Home Depot Data Breach

    [UPDATE: Home Depot has since confirmed the data breach -Ed.] Home Depot confirmed on Tuesday that they’re investigating the possibility of a data breach at almost 2,000 locations. While I want to stress that a breach has not yet been confirmed, the possibility has a lot of people concerned. A... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-up: Great Recession Aftershocks

    The Great Recession was six years ago, but consumer confidence is still shaken – understandably so, they call it “great” for a reason. Content and digital media move fast – technology seems like it changes almost every other day – but a bad impression or negative brand image can last... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-Up: Trends in Banking

    If you’re a “visual learner” you’ll want to check this out. Our friends over at the Financial Brand have got a deluge of statistics on where the financial services industry is headed. See for yourself how their catalog of digital banking trends point to more remote banking experiences over the... Read more →

    Financial Content Wrap-up: 100 Million Members

    Welcome to our first Financial Content Wrap-up where we highlight the most important banking industry and content marketing news of the week! Credit unions nationwide have reached over 100 million members, resource centers are a must for serious content marketers and digital cross-selling can increase your share of wallet. Check... Read more →

    Customer Engagement and Cross-Selling Tips

    1.04 – can you guess why this number is important? It represents the difference between the number of products disengaged customers buy (4.50) compared to engaged customers (5.54). These cross-selling tips while help you generate more share of wallet through content engagement. Three Cross-Selling Tips for Better Engagement 1) Be... Read more →

    Cross-Selling with Content in the Digital Future

    Researchers at Bain & Company estimate that by 2020, 95% of interactions between customers and their bank will have at least a digital component (if not being outright digital). Banks need ways to improve and integrate digital experiences in order to meet their cross-selling goals. In the face of a... Read more →

    Bankie Says Relax! How Banks Benefit from Emotional Branding

    On the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, 24 of the 43 most stressful life events have a financial component. Mortgages made the list three times! These important events – like starting a new job or having a child – have serious financial components and emotions can run high. Financial marketers... Read more →

    The Invisible Hand of Marketing

    We’ve all heard of Adam Smith’s idea of the “invisible hand” before. We take this term to mean that the market will regulate itself (though this may not be what Smith was actually saying). But not only is there an invisible hand of the market, there’s one that can guide... Read more →

    Teenage Financial Literacy – How much do kids today know about money?

    The results are in and this is going on your permanent record! CNBC recently reported on the results of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s global assessment of financial literacy among 15-year-olds. The outlook for teenage financial literacy in the U.S. isn’t so bad, but there’s very clearly room... Read more →

    Chase Bank and the Fantastic Future Branch

    [Update: We misreported a statistic regarding Chase’s branch traffic. We originally reported that only 55% of customers had been to a branch in a given quarter. This statistic actually represents traffic for commercial customers. We’re looking into sourcing a figure that represents household customer traffic and have updated this post... Read more →

    Innovative bank marketing through podcasts - via Wikicommons user: Yagraph

    A Simple and Innovative Bank Marketing Tactic

    If there was ever a marketing idea that was just crazy enough to work, it’s this one. Strangely enough, it’s not a particularly new idea, just one that’s being used by marketers in an innovative way. The podcast is quickly replacing traditional radio and some players are getting on board... Read more →

    Credit Union Marketing and Member Experience

    Credit union marketing is about more than products. It’s about defining the individual identity of each and every credit union based on its own community, its own customers. As CUs look for new ways to expand, grow their share of wallet and further benefit their community, they should be thinking... Read more →

    3 Important Website Tips for any Digital Credit Union

    The role of the credit union branch has been up for debate for some time. Customers will always desire a physical location in some capacity, but the raw numbers show that branch traffic is decreasing while digital traffic is increasing. It’s easy to see how a more connected, more digital... Read more →

    Trusted Financial Advisors are Emotion-Oriented

    Love or hate fast food, you can’t argue that it’s a reliable dining experience. Pull into any drive thru from Florida to Alaska and if you order a number 1, you can trust that it will be prepared the same way every time. If only financial services were that easy!... Read more →

    The Importance of Customer Engagement for Banking Brands

    Commercial or community, bank or CU, everyday, people are interacting with the banking brand that matters to them. But the big question is: Just how much does it matter? Online banking is ballooning the amount of transactions and interactions that customers can have with their bank. It’s easier than ever... Read more →