• Premier America Credit Union Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

    Boston, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce Premier America Credit Union’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Literacy Center. Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes.  “We are living in a content-driven economy. You cannot survive in the... Read more

    Measuring and Defining Customer Loyalty

    How does your FI define, and more importantly, measure customer loyalty? A very interesting blog came across my desk today on this topic. Generically, it seems as though most FI’s define customer loyalty as customer satisfaction. Also, a huge amount of importance is placed up that always present survey questions: “How likely are you to... Read more

    Mystery Shopping Banks. How Do You Stack Up?

    MYSTERY SHOP! Ah, two words that strike fear into the heart of customer-facing professionals everywhere. For those unfamiliar, mystery shopping is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. Basically, it’s... Read more

    Engagement: The Smart Way to Drive Sales

    How do customers “feel” about your business? The answer to that question could affect your sales. Research shows, taking the customer relationship from remote and transaction-based to personal, warm, and engaged drives profits. Engaged customers do more than purchase (although they do that more, too). They sing the praises of your company, choose your brand... Read more

    TurboTax Fraud, What Bank Marketers Need to Know

    John has just received a ‘notice of duplicate filing’ from his state’s tax office. A million questions run through his mind (and your customers’ minds) when he gets this letter. “What happened?    Did I make a mistake?       Did someone steal my identity?          How did that happen?             Is this going to damage my credit score? What... Read more

    Anthem Data Breach, Tens of Millions Affected

    Health insurance giant Anthem Inc. has been hit with a data breach which compromised the names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates and email addresses of an estimated 80 million customers. Additionally, employee data, including income, has been stolen. This attack comes on the heels of other high profile, massive breaches at Target (40 million... Read more

    Fake Vacation Home Scam Ads - Photo by Martin Robson

    524 Million Scam Ads Got Removed by Google Last Year

    It wasn’t Google AdWords’ security software that was out of date. The ads they promoted didn’t contain malware and had every pretense of being legitimate. It would take some digging to find out that the advertisers were running scams. Google AdWords would serve up an ad that had been vetted for a lack of viruses.... Read more

    The new economy behind hiring hackers

    Hiring Hackers Is Easier than You Think

    It’s not just big retailers like Target or Kmart who are being hacked. “Hacker’s List” proves that there’s a market for attacks against individuals. People need a place to go to get answers and guidance when it comes to their cybersecurity. If you can provide that guidance, it can be a gateway to sales. Espionage... Read more

    State of the Union 2015: The Cybersecurity Factor

    During last night’s State of the Union Address, President Obama took a moment to address threats to our cybersecurity, asking Congress to pass legislation that could help prevent and combat cyberattacks on our nation, people and businesses. The president has been emphasizing his cybersecurity plan over the past week, which includes policies on data breach... Read more

    Ransomware: What Bank Marketers Need to Know

    In a recent New York Times op ed, Alina Simone tells the story of getting the call that no kid wants to get: Her mom had been hacked and she needed her daughter’s help. Her mom was targeted with a ransomware virus. This type of malware infects a computer by encrypting files so that they... Read more

    content consumption

    Shifting Patterns of Content Consumption – How to Drive Sales

    Patterns of content consumption are shifting. YouTube attracts more Millennials than any cable network (and they watch billions of hours of content each month). Physical newspapers are declining as people get their info from social feeds and online news aggregators. And even a good old-fashioned paperback can’t beat the convenience offered by e-readers. As the... Read more

    Facebook at Work – Boon or Doom?

    Reuters reports that Facebook is developing a new service called “Facebook at Work”. Positioned as a competitor to LinkedIn, this platform will allow users to develop a professional profile separate from their personal Facebook account. How does that sound to you? LinkedIn is a platform with its share of flaws, but has done an exemplary... Read more

    Engagement Marketing 101

    In 2015, financial marketers will be working overtime to increase share of wallet; It’s a top-three priority among 70% of senior marketing executives (Aite Group, Bank and Credit Union Marketing Trends, 2014). Deeper customer engagement can make it happen. To be successful in cross-selling, financial institutions need to engage customers beyond transactions. Research from Gallup... Read more

    Weekly Wrap-up: Digital Signage in the Branch

    This week’s wrap-up has more than a few good ideas how to get the most out of your digital signage with smart content decisions. Nancy Radermecher, President at JohnRyan, highlights the importance of having a forward-thinking attitude, a fundamental understanding of the technology you’re using and, most importantly, a plan for your content. “Think about... Read more

    How Adblock Plus is Driving Creativity in Marketing

    Have you heard of Adblock Plus? With over 300 million downloads it is THE most popular browser extension in the WORLD. Browser extensions are add-on features for your web browser. You might use Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to browse the Internet. Extensions are kind of like apps on a smartphone; They... Read more

    Top FIs on Facebook Educate

    Is your institution’s Facebook page missing this vital engagement tool? A critical element of the top financial institution pages on Facebook is education. The Financial Brand has posted the Q3 results of the best and brightest financial institutions on Facebook. Who’s generating the most likes? Well, it’s no surprise to see Big Banks taking up... Read more

    Weekly Wrap-up: Banking Technology and the “iPod Moment”

    Groupe BPCE, the second largest bank in France, has announced a new service. They’re letting any Twitter user in the country send money through tweets. Not just their customers, anyone with a French bank account. Banking technology is a blossoming field with a ton going on. Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Twitter are... Read more

    Kmart Data Breach: What Financial Institutions Should Do

    Attention Kmart shoppers… By this time we’re all sick of hearing about data breaches. Big retailers are getting hacked, information is getting stolen, it’s like some movie from the 90s come to life. This time, Kmart’s been attacked. Every time this happens it’s the same story. It can be easy for us to tune it... Read more

    Weekly Wrap-up: Halloween Content Marketing

    It’s getting to be that time of year when content marketers go into overdrive. Halloween leads into Thanksgiving, which leads into all our respective December-ish religious or secular festivities, which leads into the New Year, which leads into Valentine’s Day, and then finally, finally you can rest! We’re moving out of the doldrums of summer.... Read more

    SIS Bank Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

    Boston, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce SIS Bank’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Answer Center. Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes. “We are living in a content-driven economy. You cannot survive in the banking space... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-up: Multichannel Marketing and Some Inspiration for 2015

    The basics of marketing haven’t changed, the place has, argues William Secrest on The Financial Brand. Or better yet, the places. As digital marketing eats up more of our marketing budgets, financial marketers are having to account for more and more channels, resulting in new multichannel marketing strategies. If we flashback a few decades, ‘multichannel’... Read more

    The Great Social Media Gold Rush

    Social media can feel a little like the Gold Rush. Twitter, Facebook et al. are talked about like some kind of digital Oregon Trail that will deliver us all unto vast unknowable riches. The social media boom in the financial services industry is a really deeply American movement and financial institutions need to understand just... Read more

    What Is Onboarding? 7 Important Words [Infographic]

    What is Onboarding? Onboarding is more than just acquiring a new customer and sending them on their way. Onboarding is a financial institution’s entire communication process when a customer (new or old) opens a new account or buys a new product. The goal of onboarding is to show customers why you’re unique, to prove how... Read more

    7-Step Onboarding Checklist

    First impressions are everything. Onboarding is the most important moment in a relationship with a customer. We get asked all the time how financial institutions can improve their onboarding. This onboarding checklist – slimmed down to the bare necessities from a Financial Brand list – will get you started. Here are the most important things... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-up: Apple Pay and the Mobile Wallet Avalanche

    One story has dominated the financial services industry this week. On Tuesday, Apple announced plans to team up with Mastercard, Visa and American Express (along with BofA, Capital One, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) to launch Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that utilizes near-field communication. Here’s how Apple Pay works. Near-field... Read more

    Big Decisions Still Happen in the Branch

    Branches are evolving alongside the burgeoning digital bank experience. They’re in a transitional period, climbing out of the primordial ooze and standing on their feet. The ABA Banking Journal highlights how some banks are rethinking the branch experience with a “laser-like emphasis on cross-selling”. The Mighty Morphin’ Branch Experience [Branches will evolve] away from focusing... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-up: All Aboard for Onboarding at Banks

    Our white paper, “Onboarding: A Setup for Sales”, recently hit a record number of downloads! To celebrate, this week’s Financial Content Wrap-up brings you a cornucopia of onboarding tactics, strategies and tips. Check out what industry luminaries have to say about onboarding at banks and at large. 21 Tips For Onboarding at Banks These tips... Read more

    Truebridge Announces Content “Quick Find” Features

    Boston, MA — Truebridge, premier content marketing provider to banks and credit unions, is excited to announce two new “quick find” features. The new features are designed to improve their client’s customer experience – making it easier and faster for customers to find the exact content and sales representative they need, when they need it.... Read more

    How Banks Can Be Proactive About the Home Depot Data Breach

    [UPDATE: Home Depot has since confirmed the data breach -Ed.] Home Depot confirmed on Tuesday that they’re investigating the possibility of a data breach at almost 2,000 locations. While I want to stress that a breach has not yet been confirmed, the possibility has a lot of people concerned. A Home Depot data breach doesn’t... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-up: Great Recession Aftershocks

    The Great Recession was six years ago, but consumer confidence is still shaken – understandably so, they call it “great” for a reason. Content and digital media move fast – technology seems like it changes almost every other day – but a bad impression or negative brand image can last for years and years. Financial... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-Up: Trends in Banking

    If you’re a “visual learner” you’ll want to check this out. Our friends over at the Financial Brand have got a deluge of statistics on where the financial services industry is headed. See for yourself how their catalog of digital banking trends point to more remote banking experiences over the next decade. ~~~ 300 Trends... Read more

    Financial Content Wrap-up: 100 Million Members

    Welcome to our first Financial Content Wrap-up where we highlight the most important banking industry and content marketing news of the week! Credit unions nationwide have reached over 100 million members, resource centers are a must for serious content marketers and digital cross-selling can increase your share of wallet. Check it out! 1 In 3... Read more

    Customer Engagement and Cross-Selling Tips

    1.04 – can you guess why this number is important? It represents the difference between the number of products disengaged customers buy (4.50) compared to engaged customers (5.54). These cross-selling tips while help you generate more share of wallet through content engagement. Three Cross-Selling Tips for Better Engagement 1) Be a content provider There are... Read more

    Cross-Selling with Content in the Digital Future

    Researchers at Bain & Company estimate that by 2020, 95% of interactions between customers and their bank will have at least a digital component (if not being outright digital). Banks need ways to improve and integrate digital experiences in order to meet their cross-selling goals. In the face of a lot of complicated regulatory and... Read more

    Bankie Says Relax! How Banks Benefit from Emotional Branding

    On the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, 24 of the 43 most stressful life events have a financial component. Mortgages made the list three times! These important events – like starting a new job or having a child – have serious financial components and emotions can run high. Financial marketers can drive sales if they... Read more

    The Invisible Hand of Marketing

    We’ve all heard of Adam Smith’s idea of the “invisible hand” before. We take this term to mean that the market will regulate itself (though this may not be what Smith was actually saying). But not only is there an invisible hand of the market, there’s one that can guide marketing too. The invisible hand... Read more

    Teenage Financial Literacy – How much do kids today know about money?

    The results are in and this is going on your permanent record! CNBC recently reported on the results of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s global assessment of financial literacy among 15-year-olds. The outlook for teenage financial literacy in the U.S. isn’t so bad, but there’s very clearly room for improvement. Here are the... Read more

    Chase Bank and the Fantastic Future Branch

    [Update: We misreported a statistic regarding Chase’s branch traffic. We originally reported that only 55% of customers had been to a branch in a given quarter. This statistic actually represents traffic for commercial customers. We’re looking into sourcing a figure that represents household customer traffic and have updated this post to better represent the cited... Read more

    Credit Union Marketing and Member Experience

    Credit union marketing is about more than products. It’s about defining the individual identity of each and every credit union based on its own community, its own customers. As CUs look for new ways to expand, grow their share of wallet and further benefit their community, they should be thinking about the member experience they’re... Read more

    3 Important Website Tips for any Digital Credit Union

    The role of the credit union branch has been up for debate for some time. Customers will always desire a physical location in some capacity, but the raw numbers show that branch traffic is decreasing while digital traffic is increasing. It’s easy to see how a more connected, more digital credit union will be the... Read more

    Trusted Financial Advisors are Emotion-Oriented

    Love or hate fast food, you can’t argue that it’s a reliable dining experience. Pull into any drive thru from Florida to Alaska and if you order a number 1, you can trust that it will be prepared the same way every time. If only financial services were that easy! Becoming a trusted financial advisor... Read more

    The Importance of Customer Engagement for Banking Brands

    Commercial or community, bank or CU, everyday, people are interacting with the banking brand that matters to them. But the big question is: Just how much does it matter? Online banking is ballooning the amount of transactions and interactions that customers can have with their bank. It’s easier than ever to just keep an eye... Read more

    Social Media Strategy for Banks & Credit Unions

    Banks and credit unions have a social media strategy problem. Their customers don’t see value in what they’re saying. Right now, 77% of people aren’t following their financial institution on social media. Yet internal data from Facebook has shown that smartphone users check their Facebook feed about 10 to 15 times per day–just on their... Read more

    Winchester Savings Bank Implements Truebridge’s Content Marketing System

    BOSTON, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company located in Boston, is excited to announce Winchester Savings Bank’s launch of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System, the Financial Answer Center. Engaging, educational and branded content is a must have for financial institutions of all sizes. “We are living in a content-driven economy. You cannot survive in the banking... Read more

    How To Set Your Mobile Banking Platform Apart

    “Approximately 15% of mobile users are mobile-only and have stopped using the Internet banking channel.” A study of almost 200,000 mobile users by CUNA has shown that mobile banking is taking over. People are not only trying it, they’re staying engaged with it.  Financial institutions need to work to make their mobile banking platform more... Read more

    3 Steps to Make Social Media Work for Banks

    72% of American adults use social networking sites. As more banks move their brands into social media spaces, they need to be sure that they’re participating in a way that builds their brands and drives sales. Since social sites are anything but traditional marketing spaces, there are a few rules to follow in order to... Read more

    Financial Literacy Month Wrap Up

    With Financial Literacy Month coming to a close, here’s a recap of what we covered. Check out how what started as a financial literacy movement in 2000 became nationally recognized by the government: The History of Financial Literacy Month Learn a lesson or two from the dream team of characters in need of financial education:... Read more

    Financial Content Marketing Gets Buyers To Branches

    Problem Physical stores in every industry have been undergoing change for some time. These days you can even buy your groceries online. For banks and credit unions, as more and more people adopt new online technology, branch traffic is declining, leading to fewer, smaller and more automated branches. The branch will always serve a role,... Read more

    New Tool Means More Sales in the Branches

      Boston, MA: Truebridge is pleased to announce the revamp of Branch LeadMaker, a tool that greatly facilitates the generation of referrals and sales appointments. Truebridge has created this tool to help banks realize the enormous opportunity they have to leverage frequent customer contact into stronger and more profitable relationships. Branch LeadMaker was designed especially... Read more

    Banking Technology Pitfalls and New Content Solutions

    Technology is changing the way consumers deal with their bank. Fewer, smaller and more automated branches looks like the trend. Banks would like to turn their branches into places customers can go for face to face sales of higher margin products. But a major pitfall of new banking technology is that it is quickly eliminating... Read more

    Truebridge’s “eConnect” Takes Content Marketing to the Next Level

    Boston, MA: Truebridge is pleased to announce the launch of eConnect, a powerful email content marketing application designed to help financial institutions take their educational content to the next level. Truebridge’s eConnect technology delivers targeted, dynamic content on the customer’s terms, providing a service that’s customer-focused and drives sales. Truebridge clients already have a vast... Read more

    The CFPB and Financial Education Benefits

    There’s a push from regulators to educate consumers. If you’re in banking you’ve heard of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). It was set up as a response to the recent financial crisis and began operation in 2011. Financial education doesn’t just need to be a nicety that you provide to your customers, it can... Read more

    Bank Marketing 101 – How to Be There When They Need You

    The impact of life event marketing in the financial services industry has been known for years. When a couple gets married, they may be looking to buy a house. When someone has a baby, they may be in the market for life insurance. When someone changes jobs they may be thinking about rolling over their... Read more

    Financial Literacy Month Extravaganza!

    Financial Literacy Month is just a week away and we’ll be going all out for it. Be sure to check back with our blog every week for new articles, interviews and insight through the month. We’re looking to promote the best of what banks and credit unions can offer in terms of Financial Literacy. If... Read more

    Branch Efficiency In The Internet Era

    Online and mobile banking are changing the game dramatically. There will always be a role for the physical branch, but foot traffic will never be as reliable as it once was. Rethinking branch efficiency is something that all banks and credit unions will have to do. We recently highlighted three ways in which banks are... Read more

    Mobile Banking Switcheroos and Generating Mobile Leads

    Last year the primary bank switching rate spiked by 40%. Millennials cited a lack of mobile and online services as a big reason for changing banks. Banks that can’t adopt these technologies are going to be in trouble soon. Mobile banking is only going to get bigger. Applications and services like mobile banking often have... Read more

    Coconut Grove Bank Introduces an Online Financial Answer Center

    MIAMI, FL. March 10, 2014 – Coconut Grove Bank is pleased to announce the launch of their Financial Answer Center, an online education resource that is a first of its kind among South Florida community banks. The Financial Answer Center is an innovative way to provide bank customers with answers to hundreds of financial questions, print... Read more

    10k Boomers Turn 65 Every Day: Banking Social Media Statistics

    10,000 birthday parties a day–besides the gargantuan amount of cake, there’s a lot we can infer from this statistic. For one thing, this stat reveals a lot about the direction in which banks and credit unions need to start taking their marketing. Here’s a simple way to understand banking social media statistics. According to a... Read more

    Email & Content: A Supercharged Sales Machine

    I’m excited to tell you about a new offering for Truebridge customers. We wanted to make content delivery easy, user-friendly and personal. We looked around and saw that no one else was offering this kind of content delivery system and so we built it ourselves. Truebridge’s eConnect technology allows our clients to deliver targeted, dynamic... Read more

    Financial Content Marketing For Banks and Credit Unions 101

    Content marketing for banks and credit unions 101 from TruebridgeFinancialMarketing   Are you providing the answers that your customers are looking for? Chances are, your competition is. Content is a necessity in our digital era and there are tons of ways in which financial institutions can use content to generate customer loyalty and leads. Content... Read more

    The Story Of 5 Core Values: An ABA Content Marketing Case Study

    Fairfield County Bank has five core values that guide their actions and they’re simple standards that anyone can relate to. They seek to Provide the highest level of customer service. Provide their employees with meaningful careers and equitable compensation. Make a reasonable and fair profit to ensure their long-term existence for future generations of customers... Read more

    How Involved can Banks and Credit Unions be on Social Media?

      As someone who works in client services at a marketing company that caters exclusively to financial institutions, this is a question I hear a lot. The answer is: Very! In our view, there are two main roadblocks in this industry: Privacy- who wants to tweet about their car loan? Not me. Not you either.... Read more

    A Model For Super Content Marketing

    We all know more than a few of these people: They aren’t big football fans, but they tune into the Super Bowl. Why? To watch the commercials. At no other point during the year do people get fanatic about commercials in this way. Commercials aren’t usually enthralling, they’re interruptions that are repeated ad nauseum. The difference... Read more

    What Experts Have To Say About Content Marketing For Credit Unions

    Content marketing is continuing to take over the marketing landscape as more and more businesses adopt content strategies. Credit unions should be getting on board.   One size fits all ads don’t cut it any more. People want relevant and engaging content, information, and education, especially on financial topics. Content marketing is a way for... Read more

    East Cambridge Savings Bank Turns to Content Marketing to Boost Sales

    BOSTON, MA: Truebridge, a financial marketing company based in Boston, is pleased to announce East Cambridge Savings Bank’s launch of their online Financial Answer Center.   East Cambridge Savings Bank’s implementation of Truebridge’s Content Marketing System is one of many examples of financial institutions turning to Content Marketing to increase revenue. The days of “one... Read more

    Workshop: How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Leads

    More and more financial institutions are pursuing the marketing tactics that companies like Home Depot, Nikon, and Apple have been capitalizing on for years. Content marketing is a proven way to generate leads that’s quickly becoming the status quo. The goal of our upcoming workshop is to show you how your financial institution can use... Read more

    Defining Content Marketing For Financial Institutions

    What Is Content Marketing?   Excuse the tautology, but a content marketer provides–you guessed it–content! For financial institutions this means compliant articles, tweets, or blog posts focused on life events. Not only that, but you can utilize content in your branch and call center too!   Say a couple has a baby on the way,... Read more

    How To Innovate With Content In 2014

    State Bank and Trust Co., a $2.5 billion bank in Macon, Ga, had no plans to build an iPad app last year. But it wound up happening. American Banker recently put up a fantastic post detailing Big Ideas for 2014. Budgeting for innovation is a big idea that goes hand in hand with content marketing.... Read more

    Target Breach Hits 70 Million, Do You Have Answers?

    The data theft at Target just got worse. Not only is Target now estimating that 70 million shoppers have been affected (up from 30 million), but more than credit card numbers have stolen. NBC News Reports, “The stolen information includes names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for up to 70 million individuals.” Events... Read more

    Starting 2014 Off Right With A Content Marketing Workshop

    Want to learn how your financial institution can use the marketing tactics that companies like Home Depot, Nikon, and Apple have been capitalizing on for years? We’re excited to announce our first Content Marketing Workshop of the new year, airing January 23! We’ll cover all the basics on how you can start using content to... Read more

    How To Build Your Bank’s Reputation As A Content Provider

    People like teachers. Or more accurately, people like teachers who are passionate, have something to say, and have a genuine interest in their students.   Teaching is what content marketing is all about. Traditional ads just sell a product, but content marketing teaches while it sells. It’s through teaching and engagement that loyalty is built.... Read more

    Content Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

    Content marketing means providing consumers with helpful information, oftentimes educational in nature. Traditional marketing is about promoting the features and benefits of the products you have for sale. But today more and more of these messages are falling on deaf ears.   Quite simply, people don’t want to be sold. They are bombarded by sales... Read more

    Getting Content Off The Shelf

    Did you receive any books as presents this year? Have you started reading them or did you throw them on a shelf? My bookshelf is a little bit like a graveyard. Books go there when I’m done with them and only very rarely do they come off the shelf. There is, I think, a really... Read more

    Content Equals Brand Loyalty And Sales

    Content is king. Discover the untapped potential of putting educational content at your customers’ fingertips. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? Content marketing is teaching, not selling. People buy from companies that educate. If you’ve ever been in an Apple store, you might have seen them hosting workshops and one-to-one training sessions. New technology can be tough... Read more

    EVB Partners With Truebridge to Launch Integrated Sales System

    TAPPAHANNOCK, VA – EVB announced today that they have launched a new integrated sales system in collaboration with Truebridge, Inc., a Boston-based company that helps banks develop deeper and more diverse customer relationships. In the announcement, Joe Shearin, CEO of EVB, said “EVB has been searching for a more effective way to engage customers and help them with... Read more

    When it Comes to Bank Marketing, Service is What Sells

    For years the financial services industry has researched over and over again what their customers are looking for. What are the most important attributes to the relationship they have with their customer? What promises would be most likely to attract new customers? The word service is always at the top or near the top of... Read more

    Banks in a Squeeze – Need for Marketing Innovation and Efficiency

    Dodd Frank legislation will undoubtedly translate into less fee revenue. So how are banks going to make it up?  With rates so low and flush with deposits, many banks are focusing on lending, especially to small business.  But right now there doesn’t seem to be enough demand from qualified borrowers to make up the revenue shortfall. Once... Read more

    Life Event Marketing Drives Sales at Banks and Credit Unions

    The impact of life event marketing in the financial services industry has been known for years. When someone gets married, they may be looking to buy a house. When someone has a baby, they may be in the market for life insurance. When someone changes jobs, they may be thinking about rolling over their 401(k)... Read more

    ICBA Independent Banker Magazine’s article, “On Sale, Online”, talks about Truebridge

    In the September 2012 issue of IB, Independent Banker’s monthly magazine, Apryl Motley writes about the Truebridge process of using educational content to start customer dialogues and initiate cross selling. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how our clients are using the Truebridge system to generate referrals, contact Pat Larkin... Read more

    Banks and Credit Unions Cross Selling to the Mass Affluent Market

    Let’s start with a definition. What is the mass affluent market? Various financial organizations define it differently, but I will use a definition and data from Forrester Research published in a March 10th article in The New York Times by Nelson D. Schwartz entitled, “Got $100,000? Have a Cookie: Banks Try Luring the Top 10%”.... Read more

    Onboarding, First Impressions, and Successful Cross Selling

    We all know the phrase “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” This is never more true than with banks and credit unions today. Based on research completed by Truebridge, one of the biggest problems that financial institutions face when it comes to cross selling is that they are seen narrowly; as... Read more

    Bank Cross Selling in Times of Limited Budgets

    At Truebridge, we have done research to identify the barriers to cross selling. In a nutshell, we identified the need for banks to shape their image as the place to go for more of their customers’ financials needs beyond deposits and loans. We also highlighted the fact that banks needed to do a much better... Read more

    Creating Cross Selling Opportunities

    In a recent article from the Financial Brand, Datamining Social Media Profiles for Actionable Results, the first paragraph talks about the biggest challenge to cross selling. ”If a financial institution could know that one of its customers just got married…Or had a baby…Or got divorced…Wouldn’t those life events create selling opportunities for that financial institution? If... Read more

    How Social Media is Changing Bank Marketing

    Essentially, “Social Media” is really just a buzz word that has come to be used to describe the ever changing landscape of the internet that we’ve all grown to know so well. The phrase simply refers to all the social networks in existence and the way we, web users, customers, and brands interact with each... Read more

    How Can Banks Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service?

    What does customer service mean to you? Personally when I think of customer service, I can’t help but have my thoughts be overshadowed by frustrating experiences, automated call services and plenty of dead ends. If you provide any product or service, no matter what it may be, you have to be 100% dedicated to assist... Read more

    How to Restore Branch Profitability

    Mary Beth Sullivan from Capital Performance Group, in her recent blog article The Future of Branches: Reinvention in the Banking Strategies section of the BAI website proposed an interesting solution to retail branch profitability. It’s called sales. She referenced a huge market that banks can own by leveraging their branch network. This market is people who... Read more

    How to Make a Bank Reputation Drive Cross Selling

    A good reputation is undoubtedly important to any financial institution. It translates into more new and more loyal customers. A recent article in American Banker, discussed the results of the American Banker second annual survey of bank reputation. This 30 bank survey was conducted by the Reputation Institute an evaluated reputation across several dimensions including... Read more

    While WE are Cross Selling, THEY are Cross Buying

    It is the classic battle between WE and THEY in the financial banking arena.  You know your consumers (THEY) need the products and services that you offer but you struggle to find a process that effectively allows them to buy multiple products and services.  How can you bridge the gap between WE and THEY and... Read more

    REWORK: Recommended Book For Bank Marketing and Management

    How can a business book written by the founders of a small software development company be applicable to bank executive and marketing professionals? I asked myself the same question. REWORK was written by Jason Fried and David Heinemenier Hansson, the founders of 37Signals, a company that has created several products that help teams work together more... Read more

    Can a Bank’s Brand Image be a Trap?

    Research will tell you that a bank brand attribute as a trusted institution is worth millions of dollars and the envy of so many other types of financial institutions (see recent article from The Financial Brand.) The problem is breadth.  Banks are seen too narrowly, as the place to go for deposits and loans; a... Read more

    A credit union connects with the local biking community

    When it comes to content marketing techniques, one of the golden rules is to provide content that isn’t always tied to one of your products and services. You have to know when providing content for the pure sense of being informational to the end user is the right thing to do. For example, many banks and credit unions... Read more

    The path to more fee income for financial institutions

    It’s been discussed time and time again – banks need more fee income to remain stable in this volatile market.  For the past few years this type of revenue has been mainly based on fees from debit card use and overdraft protection. According to a recent Gonzobanker article, 80% of fee income comes from these two... Read more

    Improving Your Bank’s Website By Adding Content Marketing

    Web sites are not created in stone. There will come a time when “the old look” doesn’t work anymore or that your site isn’t effectively meeting its overall objectives. If your site looks outdated, you’re not communicating a clear message to potential customers and consequently your company’s value is diminished in their minds. Similarly, you’re... Read more

    Can Foursquare be the saving grace for a banks fading branch traffic?

    If you follow social media news then you’re most likely aware of Foursquare, the latest location-based service that rewards you for frequent visits to near by retail shops, restaurants, churches, night clubs and most recently, banks. Like Twitter, I was a little hesitant about Foursquare when I first started “checking-in”.  I didn’t quite understand the... Read more

    The difference between financial literacy and education-based marketing

    The NFCC has announced that April is Financial Literacy month.  They’re pulling out all the stops by making trips to Capital Hill and launching two new websites, one in Spanish – – the other a blog providing debt advice –  Many banks and credit unions should join in with NFCC in supporting this cause.... Read more

    Wealth Management blog on bank website shows promise

    Overall, First National Bank and Trust Company in Wisconsin has a pretty standard bank site – rates, personal and business banking overviews, about us, online banking login, etc.  However, there is a bright spot with the wealth management blog.  This group has a good start to building a foundation of helpful online content. It’s not... Read more

    Influential bank and credit union marketers of 2009

    What made people on this list so influential is how they’re adopting to the new rules of marketing and PR.  You may have heard us use that phrase on this blog before.  If you’re new to these rules, we recommend reading the book by David Meerman Scott, “New Rules of Marketing and PR”.  The basic... Read more

    Interview with Newt Barrett, co-author of “Get Content, Get Customers”

    In a recent post we discussed the concept behind content marketing.  The approach is not necessarily new but with the technologies of today, mostly driven by the Internet, more and more companies can implement content marketing strategies without having to rely on the big media outlets like in years past.  There are many individuals as... Read more

    How will banks use data collected from their PFM tools?

    In a recent US Banker article, 10 Big Ideas for 2010, one idea was the adoption of PFM or Personal Financial Management services.  This new type of service was made popular by Quicken and the controversial who’s president made a few comments at last year’s SXSW festival that made a few heads turn. With the growing number... Read more

    Examples of Content Marketing by banks and credit unions

    There are some great examples of banks and credit unions that actively conduct a Content Marketing approach. I’ve chosen two for this post but we’ll continue to highlight the best in the industry on our blog. Example #1: Affinity Federal Credit Union in Basking Ridge, NJ When you visit Affinity Federal Credit Union’s website you... Read more

    Banks and Credit Unions: An introduction to Content Marketing

    A popular sales consultant once said that when all you do is talk about your product you’re only engaging 3% of your audience.  But if you talk about how your product can solve a problem that affects everyone, you’re connecting with 100% of your audience.  This mindset falls right in line with the new direction... Read more

    The future of cross selling in banks

    A recent report from the Mercator Advisory Group, Cross-Selling Through Multiple Channels: Soft Selling to the Jittery Customer, highlights the areas where banks have the greatest opportunity to cross sell to their customer base. The two areas that they have narrowed in on are somewhat of an ironic pair – smart phones and branches. While... Read more

    Developing leads through your bank website

    As more and more bank customers find their way around the online platform, the harder it becomes to drive cross selling opportunities at the branch level.  All signs point to more effective marketing techniques online where customers are spending most of their time. But what does it take to get the dialog started online?  How... Read more

    Creating customer impulse decisions at a bank

    We all know what target campaigns are. This is where you pull out all your weapons (CRM, MCIF, etc.) to develop the perfect segmentation of your customer base. Knowing who to target when, where and how. And with the technology that’s out there today, the possibilities to create such a perfect list are more realistic... Read more

    What does “Best Banking Experience” mean to you?

    I was reading the recent ABA Bank Marketing magazine and there was a section interviewing a marketing manager at a small community bank in Pennsylvania. One question asked was, “In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge marketers will face in the year ahead?” Her response, “Maintaining customer’s trust and belief that our bank will... Read more

    Live blogging from BISA Conference

    Today at the BISA conference starts the peer sessions and speaker series.  The first guest speaker today is Dr. Richard Marston from Wharton School of Business.  Dr. Marston is a professor of finance and director of the Weiss Center for International Research. He discussed the economy and gave a good overview of what’s to come... Read more

    Banks Need an Image Fix – Now

    Sparked by a recent article in the New York Times Business Section, our president, Stewart Rose, recently wrote a one page brief.  A full white paper will be available to help banks take the next steps in fixing their image. “Banks Need an Image Fix – Now” It’s not just the largest banks that are... Read more

    What product line presents the greatest cross selling opportunity for banks?

    In a recent poll posted by the BAI Community, members were asked, “What area presents the greatest cross selling opportunity for banks?” I answered by selecting “retirement”.  And I wasn’t the only one.  The percentage was heavily weighed towards retirement.  Another poll asked if retirement products were a priority moving forward.  As of today, fifty... Read more

    Creating a Service Oriented Sales Culture

    In a recent GonzoBanker newsletter, Steve Williams makes the case that sales culture in banks is dead and a new chapter of sales culture is about to begin with the hope that banks have the chance to get it right this time. In this well written piece, he states, “Across the country, many banks have... Read more