How To Innovate With Content In 2014

bigideasState Bank and Trust Co., a $2.5 billion bank in Macon, Ga, had no plans to build an iPad app last year. But it wound up happening. American Banker recently put up a fantastic post detailing Big Ideas for 2014. Budgeting for innovation is a big idea that goes hand in hand with content marketing.


[Mike] Fitzgerald, the chief revenue and deposit officer, says State has a spending plan like most other businesses, but it reassesses the plan as trends unfold or as customer needs change.

“I can’t overstate how important flexibility is in the budget,” says Fitzgerald.

“‘We listen to clients and get ahead of what we think is the demand curve in our marketplace by being very flexible in the way we apply those resources during the year.”

He cites the iPad app as an example. It’s a cash-management solution for commercial customers on the go, and State prioritized it over other plans because the need arose.

It’s this sort of flexibility that is a must for content marketing and it’s what drives innovation.


To be a great content marketer you need to be nimble and adapt to the changing and varied needs of your customers. That might sound difficult, but it’s easy and cost-effective.


Here are two key steps you should follow:


1: Focus your content marketing around important financial news and life events


Strong content, focused on your customers’ life events, can be adapted with ease to suit many purposes, all while driving loyalty and sales. The recent data breach at Target is a teachable moment for the benefits of quality content. Millions of people are looking for answers on identity theft. If you can be flexible and adapt to unforeseen situations to provide answers to your customers’ problems, they’ll value all that much more.


2: Develop a content calendar


Holidays are great moments for you to target your content (with perhaps the exception of April Fool’s day!). The past few weeks have been the perfect time to promote savings resolutions. Or around Valentine’s day, your customers might be interested in how their finances and taxes change after marriage. Adapt your content to your calendar.


If this year you want loyal customers and more opportunities for dialogue and sales, you need to innovate with your content marketing.


If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’re hosting an online workshop January 23 at 2:30 EST. Sign up HERE and we’ll guide you through all the basics of how your financial institutions can excel at content marketing. We hope to see you there!