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Credit Union Marketing and Member Experience

Credit union marketing is about more than products. It’s about defining the individual identity of each and every credit union based on its own community, its own customers. As CUs look for new ways to expand, grow their share of wallet and further benefit their community, they should be thinking about the member experience they’re […]

3 Important Website Tips for any Digital Credit Union

The role of the credit union branch has been up for debate for some time. Customers will always desire a physical location in some capacity, but the raw numbers show that branch traffic is decreasing while digital traffic is increasing. It’s easy to see how a more connected digital credit union will be the future […]

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Trusted Financial Advisors are Emotion-Oriented

Love or hate fast food, you can’t argue that it’s a reliable dining experience. Pull into any drive thru from Florida to Alaska and if you order a number 1, you can trust that it will be prepared the same way every time. If only financial services were that easy! Becoming a trusted financial advisor […]

The Importance of Customer Engagement for Banking Brands

Commercial or community, bank or CU, everyday, people are interacting with the banking brand that matters to them. But the big question is: Just how much does it matter? Online banking is ballooning the amount of transactions and interactions that customers can have with their bank. It’s easier than ever to just keep an eye […]

Organization with strong customer engagement outperform those without it.

Social Media Strategy for Banks & Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions have a social media strategy problem. Their customers don’t see value in what they’re saying. Right now, 77% of people aren’t following their financial institution on social media. Yet internal data from Facebook has shown that smartphone users check their Facebook feed about 10 to 15 times per day–just on their […]