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The Great Social Media Gold Rush

Social media can feel a little like the Gold Rush. Twitter, Facebook et al. are talked about like some kind of digital Oregon Trail that will deliver us all unto vast unknowable riches. The social media boom in the financial services industry is a really deeply American movement and financial institutions need to understand just […]

What Is Onboarding? 7 Important Words [Infographic]

What is Onboarding? Onboarding is more than just acquiring a new customer and sending them on their way. Onboarding is a financial institution’s entire communication process when a customer (new or old) opens a new account or buys a new product. The goal of onboarding is to show customers why you’re unique, to prove how […]

Financial Content Wrap-up: College Planning, Choosing a Major

In the midst of back to school season, college planning is on the minds of millions. High school juniors and seniors are applying to college (or thinking about it) and freshmen are waking up to the reality of 8 AM classes. If you have someone in your life who’s applying to college, or who’s undecided […]

7-Step Onboarding Checklist

First impressions are everything. Onboarding is the most important moment in a relationship with a customer. We get asked all the time how financial institutions can improve their onboarding. This onboarding checklist – slimmed down to the bare necessities from a Financial Brand list – will get you started. Here are the most important things […]

Financial Content Wrap-up: Apple Pay and the Mobile Wallet Avalanche

One story has dominated the financial services industry this week. On Tuesday, Apple announced plans to team up with Mastercard, Visa and American Express (along with BofA, Capital One, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) to launch Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that utilizes near-field communication. Here’s how Apple Pay works. Near-field […]

Big Decisions Still Happen in the Branch

Branches are evolving alongside the burgeoning digital bank experience. They’re in a transitional period, climbing out of the primordial ooze and standing on their feet. The ABA Banking Journal highlights how some banks are rethinking the branch experience with a “laser-like emphasis on cross-selling”. The Mighty Morphin’ Branch Experience [Branches will evolve] away from focusing […]

Branch Experience Evolution - via Wikicommons user: Mandrichondria

Financial Content Wrap-up: All Aboard for Onboarding at Banks

Our white paper, “Onboarding: A Setup for Sales”, recently hit a record number of downloads! To celebrate, this week’s Financial Content Wrap-up brings you a cornucopia of onboarding tactics, strategies and tips. Check out what industry luminaries have to say about onboarding at banks and at large. 21 Tips For Onboarding at Banks These tips […]

Truebridge Announces Content “Quick Find” Features

Boston, MA — Truebridge, premier content marketing provider to banks and credit unions, is excited to announce two new “quick find” features. The new features are designed to improve their client’s customer experience – making it easier and faster for customers to find the exact content and sales representative they need, when they need it. […]

How Banks Can Be Proactive About the Home Depot Data Breach

[UPDATE: Home Depot has since confirmed the data breach -Ed.] Home Depot confirmed on Tuesday that they’re investigating the possibility of a data breach at almost 2,000 locations. While I want to stress that a breach has not yet been confirmed, the possibility has a lot of people concerned. A Home Depot data breach doesn’t […]