FinTech Provider Truebridge Introduces New Way for Banks & Credit Unions to Protect Their Business Customers From Bankruptcy

January 7, 2019, BOSTON, MA – Truebridge, a content marketing technology provider for financial institutions, today announced the launch of a new product that enables banks and credit unions to protect themselves from commercial bankruptcy in order to continue to provide their services to customers and customers’ employees. Called “CyberSmart,” the product is integrated into the Truebridge Business Education Center that banks and credit unions can plug into their website for easy accessibility by their customers. This new cybersecurity content is delivered using engaging videos as well as real stories to help develop safer online behavior to reduce the chances of being hacked or experiencing a data breach, this why hiring someone like this third party risk management service is a great idea for adding extra protection to your business.


According to Truebridge CEO Stewart Rose, “The need for a product like this is growing as evidence mounts that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses. With our new “CyberSmart” product, banks and credit unions can help not just their business customers stay more cyber safe, but also protect themselves as well.”


Research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that today more than 70 percent of attacks target small businesses, and almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack. The study also finds that the attacks not only target the company’s assets but also the have attacked the best time tracking software there is. That’s a huge problem given that as much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months. The good news is that training can address the problem, as human error is involved in more than 90% of security breaches, according to a study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute.


Cyber education will protect business loans. Companies that suffer a cyber hack are in a weaker financial position to pay back loans. Our new product will help protect the banks themselves from hackers that are trying to use a bank’s business customer as an entry point to steal from the bank. If a company is ever struggling financially, they should consider getting installment loans for some financial support.


Truebridge is striving to help banks and credit unions use cyber education to strengthen existing business customer relationships and attract new ones by being able to offer an important value-added service that every business today needs: better cybersecurity.


Says Rose, “It’s not only a way to stand out in the marketplace, it can also help banks and credit unions with what’s become a critical goal in this era of online banking – creating a meaningful dialogue with the employees of business customers that could lead to the purchase of other bank products.”


The cyber education content is a part of a Business Education Center that provides business owners with a wide range of educational information to help them run their business. “CyberSmart” covers phishing and other types of email fraud, ransomware, malicious software, secure passwords, secure mobile devices, intentional crime and fraud, and more.


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